Shadow Sessions: An Underworld Journey (2 Hours) – $122.00

A Shadow Session is a guided journey into your Underworld designed to retrieve the fractured/exiled pieces of you and bring them Home.

This healing session takes you on an exploration to the depths of your Underworld. Your Underworld consists of the shadow pieces of you that have been isolated sometimes for eons; the most damaged and fractured pieces of your self & psyche. The Shadow Sessions are not for the faint of heart. Much healing must have already occurred within your core wounds before we embark on this Journey together. If it has not, the results may not be something you will be capable of handling with on a surface level. A deep connection to your inner self must be in place, complete with self support and well established inner healing modalities.

Message me with your intent of a session, and we will have an in depth consultation surrounding your intent of a Shadow Session. From here I will intuitively assess your current state and ability to activate & receive this potent medicine.