Energetic Clearing (2 Hours) – $111.00

Sometimes there is just shit we are ready to let go of. Sometimes that shit is embedded deeply into our energetic realms and no matter how hard we try it stays and on repeat ad nauseam. Sometimes it’s lifetimes old and we don’t even realize it until we are there in our session. It could be an ex partner showing up again and again in our lives physically, energetically or emotionally; a prehistoric mode of thinking that doesn’t fit our current reality, and most recently I have been working on clearing stories and energetics that no longer serve us around money. This mysterious journey will take us deep into the energetics of your human existence, and Soul will guide us exactly where we need to go once we are there. There is a level of readiness that must be in place. Message me with your intent of a clearing and I will intuitively assess your state of receiving for this particular healing.