A New Dawn, A New Day

​It’s taken me hours to get here to write this, to form words that may comfort you.

I don’t see what happened last night as a bad thing.

I see it as a necessary thing.

I feel good about it. 

Excited even if I offer full transparency in this moment.

But not in the America is Great way. America is clearly not great. We have drawn in the poster child for despicable human beings as our leader. 

And from a healing perspective; this is what is needed.

It’s time for our collective Underworld Healing Journey as a country.

It IS the end of the world as we know it.
And this my loves,


is not a bad thing.

There is so much Light here.

And I don’t mean in the “Love and Light and incense and yoga posturing meditation” way.

I mean in the Truth of Divine Beings embodying the Human Realm way. 

This is the way of it.

For so many reasons.

Experience your visceral grief and fear, yes. 

But please don’t stay there.

This happened to wake us the fuck up.

We, especially women, are experts at dealing with the Trumps of the world. This isn’t our first rodeo sisters. We have been dealing with Him for thousands of years. Throw him Playboy magazines from 1975, let him play in his pile of cash, with his mighty pen in hand and important presidential documents in his corner. 

This isn’t about waking up our oppressor. 

This is about finding our strength, our power, and beginning to access and utilize it. 

We can’t get from 0 to 100 without the steps in between. We just can’t. Our planet wasn’t made for this process to be easy.

We are also going to learn how to forge a new paradigm from this Holy Fire.

America’s Sacred Burning has begun.

We will rise from the ashes of our inevitable demise, 

if we choose.

Feel the terror, 

and begin.


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