​Our Journey of Life

We’re not here to find Utopia.

This is where we came from in the Realm of Souls.

Earth is a Trajectory for the brave ones who want to radically embody what it means to be a human on Mother Earth during these epic times of change. 

What does being Human mean?

It’s birth, it’s life, it’s death. 

It’s the glimmering moments in between. 

It’s finding the magic in the mundane.

It’s loss, abandonment, confusion and grief.

It’s frustration, fear, anger and rage. 

It’s joy, peace, excitement and love.

It’s ecstasy, and exqusite, dripping, pleasure. 

Sometimes, it’s acquiescence.

And a lot of the time? 

It’s pain. 

The ineffable ache from within, or what’s inflicted upon you by others.

Did you know You blissfully dove in head first to come here?

Did you know You couldn’t wait to land Earthside and begin your Journey with us? 

Do you know that as soon as you take the first Breath of Life that sustains your human vessel, you are afflicted with a Spiritual Amnesia of Soul? 

You won’t remember why you came here.

You won’t remember who you are.

These delicate threads of your radiant Divinity are weaved throughout your life for you to recognize, grasp, and hold.

Sometimes we don’t see them.

Sometimes we do, but they slip through our fingers.

And sometimes we take hold and never let go, weaving that divine strand into the Tapestry of You. 

The You who came here to shatter this old, dying, paradigm down to its core; to usher in massive shifts in consciousness.

The You who knew exactly what it needed to do to accomplish this. 

The You who came here to change this world.

This is Life on Earth.

The Sacred Duality.

The Human and Soul as One.

I am with you, Beloved. 

Walking the road beside you.

If you find yourself here,

reading these words,

I will call it Destiny and Fate.

We are supposed to Meet in this Sacred Moment. 


I am Honored to See you again.

How may I serve You? 

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