I am an Oracle and Mystic; a healer created from fire.

From an early age I was taken deep into the Underworld and healing spiral.

It was core wounds via heinous human acts, it was hard lessons, it was tough love delivered via Soul, rising from the ashes again and again.

I am wise enough to know it’s not over.

I have not risen as a glistening being dripping with light & ready to bestow upon you my divine wisdom, fully healed and untouched by the human plane of existence.

But I have risen, and for the most part my Wounds are healed.

Some days/weeks/years – I am still burning.

I am here & ready to serve; to lend illumination and divine guidance if you too are walking through the Holy Fire of your life.

I will never promise you the Holy Grail.

But I will pour my heart and soul into your session and own healing journey.

It’s mystical alchemy when we meet at the Portal and walk through together.

If we treat it as such, so much magic can occur.

I can’t wait to See you inside.

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